2 Benefits Of Integrating A Spiral Freezer System Into Your Food Processing Plant's Production Line

19 June 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you operate a plant that produces frozen foods, you may be looking for a better way to freeze the foods along the production line. Currently, the method that you are using may be bulky and takes up a lot of space while not allowing you to thoroughly freeze the food efficiently.

If so, you may want to consider adding a system that utilizes spiral freezers. There are a couple of benefits of integrating a spiral freezer system into your food processing plant's production line.

1. Compact Size of the Spiral Freezer Makes It Ideal for Tight Spaces

One benefit of integrating a spiral freezer into your production line is that the system is compact. Instead of the food going through a freezing unit that is in one straight line, it goes through layers inside the spiral system.

Because of its compact size, it can easily fit into tight spaces between other pieces of food processing equipment along the production line. This allows you to save floor space while giving you the ability to add other processing machinery on either side of the freezer without compromising on space.

2. Adjustable Settings Allow You to Set the Conveyor Belt Time and Temperature

Another benefit of using a spiral system to freeze your food processing plant's foods is that it has fully adjustable settings with presets that can be used for different types of foods. Among these settings, you can control the conveyor belt time and temperature settings.

While controlling these settings, you can fine-tune them until you find the ideal combination to achieve the right level of frozenness for each food product as it travels through the freezer. This helps you achieve better results for higher-quality food, and your workers can easily switch over the settings to match the product that is being processed.

If you are looking for a way to evenly freeze the food produced by your processing plant, a spiral freezer can be ideal because its compact size allows it to fit in tight spaces between other pieces of equipment while saving floor space. It also has adjustable settings to allow you to control the conveyor belt time and temperature to ensure that each food product achieves its ideal level of frozenness. For more information, contact an industrial supply business that offers spiral freezer systems to speak with a representative. They can help you find the product you need.