Overhead Crane Attachments And Why You May Want Them For Your Factory

9 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


While overhead cranes are certainly an effective piece of equipment in any industrial or manufacturing setting, sometimes you need these machines to do just a little bit more. That is when you buy overhead bridge crane attachments. The following attachments are extremely useful in a number of ways, proving the reasons why you may want the attachments for the cranes in your factory.

Multi-Fork Pallet Lifters

If you want to increase efficiency rates, a multi-fork pallet lifter for your overhead crane is definitely an option. This attachment hangs from the heavy duty C-clamp hook on the end of your crane's winch system. Typically, this accessory can scoop up four pallets at once and move them to a new location on your work floor. The multi-fork design can also pick up and move very long and heavy bundles of wire, lumber, metal sheeting, etc. Because this attachment can pick up four times the number of pallets as a single forklift attachment can, it can, in effect, be four times as efficient at completing major lift tasks. (It all depends on the items loaded and lifted onto the forks.)

Drum Tilters

When your factory moves around several barrels of liquid substances a day, and those substances require that the barrels not lay on their sides, then you could really use a drum tilter attachment for the overhead bridge cranes in your plant. This attachment resembles a robotic claw with what looks like an oversized cup holder in the middle. Barrels that need to be moved and kept from accidentally falling onto their sides can be placed into the giant cup holder section of this attachment. The barrels are strapped in tightly to keep them from falling out while they are several feet up in the air and moving over the expanse covered by the crane.

Telescopic Magnetic Spreader Beams

Spreader beams were designed to spread the weight of the objects being lifted across the length of this beam attachment. They provide more stability for particularly heavy loads that you do not want shaking or swaying above employees' heads. For the truest do-all spreader beam, you may want to purchase a telescopic magnetic spreader beam attachment. This crane attachment adjusts to multiple lengths to accommodate any load length. If you are also in the business of moving large, heavy metallic items, the magnetic feature adds extra security with its powerful electrically-activated magnetic system.

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