How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs

30 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Every penny counts when reducing the cost of manufacturing. Here are some ways to cut down your costs and increase profits. 

Rent Better Machinery

Your equipment costs you money in several aspects of production. An inefficient machine can slow down production times and cost more money for staffing and building overhead. Wasted materials from equipment errors can also add up quickly. And a poorly maintained machine can cost you a lot in energy inefficiency. 

Sometimes, it can be better to rent new equipment rather than to overhaul your own inventory. An equipment rental company will provide you with up-to-date and well-maintained machinery that can cut down on your production costs over time. The other major benefit is that, since you don't own the equipment, you don't need to worry about it depreciating and being unsellable when you want to upgrade. 

Minimize Use of Premium Materials

One area where operations can get expensive is when you are relying too heavily on premium materials. Instead, consider redesigning the product to use fewer premium materials, such as steel, glass, and precious metals. Place these materials only where they are prominent, and then replace filler material with something cheaper. This can significantly reduce the cost per item. Sometimes, a newly created plastic material can be very durable and flexible for replacing these other premium materials. 

Renegotiate Your Vendors

Unless you are locked into a contract with a specific vendor, you always have the option of taking your business elsewhere. Even the threat of doing so may convince your current vendors to give you better rates. Stay on top of the vendors that are relevant to your business, and get quotes from each one to ensure you're getting the best deal. Always approach vendors when your equipment needs change; a vendor that was too pricey before might give you a better deal as your volume grows. 

Trade Goods for Materials

Another way to get better deals on raw supplies is to use some of your finished product to purchase the materials you need. In some cases, business will have an overstock of raw materials and they may require some of your product; you could enter into a trade agreement and sell them your goods below retail price in exchange for their materials. 

These ideas can get you started in reducing production costs. If you're smart about how you invest in your manufacturing business, you can see your capital grow quickly. Rent your equipment from a company like Adams Rental & Sales.