Surprising Reasons To Install A Filtration System To Your Home's Water Pipes

16 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Many homeowners today are concerned about the quality of water that comes into their home, and often prefer bottled water for drinking. While this can be a good solution for some, there are many reasons to consider a strong filtration system attached to your home's water pipes instead. Before you buy another gallon of filtered water or stack of water bottles to take with you throughout the day, consider some benefits of a filtration system.

1. Contaminants can be absorbed through your skin

You may use bottled water for drinking to keep yourself safe and healthy, but have you thought about how contaminants can be absorbed through your skin when you shower? You can get lead, chlorine, and other chemicals into your system simply by bathing.

These contaminants can also settle onto your skin and cause dryness and itching. They irritate skin conditions like eczema and even dandruff, and can even make your eyes feel dry. Breathing in those contaminants through the steam produced by your shower is also drying to your lungs.

2. You need clean water for cooking

Purchasing bottled water for drinking doesn't help much if you then use contaminated water for cooking. It's easy to think that these contaminants will be boiled out, but most people add food to their water long before it starts boiling, or will add cold water to certain dishes and then turn on the heat. This allows your food to absorb those contaminants before they can be removed. Note too that if you boil water while the food is in it, the food will more readily become contaminated as the heat causes the food to soften and absorb moisture around it.

3. Filters cut down on pollution from bottled water

You might think recycling the water bottles you drink from is friendly for the environment, but this actually causes pollution. Recycling plastics typically means melting them down, which creates fumes and other pollutants. It is also a polluting process to create plastic bottles.

Installing a strong filtration system to your home's pipes can mean cutting down on this pollution overall. You won't need to recycle your plastic bottles at all, and won't be purchasing a product that needs new bottles for packaging.

These are just three simple but very important reasons to consider a water filtration system for your home. Fresh water is healthier for you overall, and with a filter you don't need to keep buying bottled water and recycling those bottles once you're done with them.