Play Chess Against A Computerized Master: How An Eaton PLC Can Become Something More

Programmable logic controllers are usually used in industrial and manufacturing settings. Because the controllers are programmed to reason and think with logic, they can be used in other capacities. Recently, exploration into the world of chess using PLC’s as part of the super chess computers’ construction lead chess players and chess masters to conclude that […]

Developing Reliable Electronics With New Technology: The Advantages Of Ball Grid Arrays

For decades, electronic firms like Alltemated Inc, have been developing technology using the miracle of the miniaturized circuit board and its high capacity for performance. While standard techniques involved using a pin grid array for packaging circuits on a board, there have been substantial advancements in technology which make that technique almost antiquated. Ball grid arrays, […]

How To Sand Concrete Floors

These days, homeowners often choose to have exposed concrete floors on the first floor of their homes. This is because concrete floors are very easy to clean and can be attractive if done properly. But before you can apply colored stain and a wax or urethane coating to your concrete floor, it has to be […]

Surprising Reasons To Install A Filtration System To Your Home’s Water Pipes

Many homeowners today are concerned about the quality of water that comes into their home, and often prefer bottled water for drinking. While this can be a good solution for some, there are many reasons to consider a strong filtration system attached to your home’s water pipes instead. Before you buy another gallon of filtered […]