FAQ About Getting Steel Professionally Fabricated

20 July 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Do you need a few large pieces of steel fabricated for a project that you are working on? If you don't want to invest in the equipment to fabricate the steel on your own, getting assistance from a machine shop is in your best interest. Professionals will then be able to fabricate the steel to your specifications. This article covers some of the questions you might have about getting steel professionally fabricated.

What Do Machinists Need to Complete the Project?

You will need to take your sheets of steel to the machine shop. If you have not purchased any steel sheets yet, it can likely be bought directly at the machine shop. You will also need to provide a blueprint of your project that has accurate measurements. The blueprint should include a photograph of what the completed project should look like, especially if you want the machinists to complete all of the work on your behalf.

Will the Steel Be Cut Manually?

Your steel can be cut with a computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathe machine. The steel will be cut with precise measurements because all the machinists will have to do is type numbers into the computer.  The lathe machine will then be able to do all of the cutting, which can reduce the risk of a mistake being made from manual cutting. The CNC lathe machine will also reduce the risk of steel being wasted.

Can the Machinists Provide Welding Services?

Professional machinists can do all of the welding on your behalf, which is beneficial because you won't have to purchase your own equipment. Getting the welding done professionally will also keep you safe, such as from exposure to high quantities of manganese. You don't want to inhale too much manganese because it can possibly lead to you having symptoms like those related to Parkinson's disease. Machinists have all of the right safety gear and experience to stay safe during the welding task.

What Kind of Finishes Can Be Done?

Your steel can be finished in a variety of different ways. For instance, the steel can be given texture and etched with designs. You can opt for a glossy or matte look. The steel can also be stamped in numerous different designs, but it will depend on the specific stamps that are available at the machine shop you choose. Hire professionals to fabricate your large steel pieces as soon as you are ready. Contact a business that uses professional steel fabricators for more information.