3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Hard Chrome Plating

3 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you're deciding on what sort of material to use for the surface of your product, you will have a large array of options. One of these options is chromium plating, or hard chrome plating. This method involves applying chromium to the surface of a product and then allowing it to harden over time into a protective shell. Here are three reasons why you should consider hard chrome plating.

1. You're Able to Protect The Insides From Moisture

Anything that you cover with hard chrome plating will be thoroughly protected from moisture, because hard chrome is water resistant and rust resistant. This means that the plating will not absorb water and it will not rust away to create tiny holes in which water could enter the product. For electronics and other items that would be easily damaged by a tiny bit of water, this is a huge advantage. You will not have to worry about using other protective measures and will be able to market your product as much more durable than it would have been otherwise.

2. The Outside Looks Fantastic

Another reason why you should consider using hard chrome plating for the surface of your products is because the outside will look tremendous. When hard chrome plating sets, it will set so that it is smooth and shiny. This is considered aesthetically attractive by many people and can draw people's attention to your product.

Hard chrome plating is also very easy to customize. You can change the color of the plating so that it sets in a red, blue, or any other color that's not silver. You can also use special tools while it is setting to etch patterns, shapes, and letters into the chromium so customers can add some of their own personality into your product.

3. You Can Use Chromium To Increase Part Size

Finally, if you make something that is less than an eighth of an inch smaller than what you or another manufacturer were expecting, you can simply add a layer of chromium to get the piece back up to size. This is incredibly helpful because it allows you to make sure that you can meet all of your product requirements without having to recast your entire shipment of products.

For more information, talk to a manufacturing company that specializes in hard chrome plating. They will be able to provide you with more advantages regarding their specific hard chrome plating method.